Makers and Personal Protective Equipment in the time of COVID-19

These days it seems that times are changing faster than anyone can rightfully keep up with. It can feel overwhelming for anyone who’s halfway paying attention. On the 11th of March the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic and by the 21st, Governor Pritzker issued a Stay at Home order for the state of Illinois.

Keeping in line with our mission to make resources available and to empower communities, we at Agape Werks began to brainstorm with our partners on ways to support the most vulnerable among us. People were unified by one simple question: How can I be of service?

Here are some of the things we are doing and some ways you can get involved too!

Agape Werks has been working with members from the Adler Planetarium and DePaul University to coordinate a network of at-home makers to 3D print face mask visors. These visors are carefully cleaned and donated to hospitals all over the city of Chicago.

Both designs are approved by <some important entity> and can be downloaded royalty free. For more information on this network, check out our dedicated page to get involved.

No access to a 3D printer? No problem! We have also found these great tutorials on making washable face masks and a reliable vendor for filters.

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